Strategic Partnerships

Strategic public-private partnerships enable The Pathway Home to remain nimble and adaptive as a standalone nonprofit, to more effectively address the needs of the Veterans we serve, while also creating a more sustainable model of care. Our strategic partners include the Veterans Home of California – Yountville, the largest Veterans Home in the nation, and the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Health Care System.

TPH also works closely with local philanthropists and community partners – including but not limited to: Bay Area Rotary Clubs, the Workforce Alliance, Napa Business Advantage, and local trade unions – which contribute in countless ways to the success of our program. 

The strength of these public-private partnerships has enabled TPH to design an integrated, sustainable, and, we anticipate, replicable program to help post-9/11 Veterans live more fulfilling and productive lives while addressing deployment-related challenges to reintegration and engaging in educational or vocational endeavors.

TPH remains an independent nonprofit agency; these partnerships provide collaborative relationships in support of our program’s mission.