Program FAQs

  • What licenses and/or certifications does The Pathway Home hold?  The Pathway Home is licensed by the California Department of Social Services to operate a social rehabilitation facility, and certified by the California Department of Health Care Services to operate a transitional residential treatment program.
  • Does The Pathway Home receive any funding from the government?  At this time, The Pathway Home does not receive direct funding from any state or federal government agencies. However, our partnership with the San Francisco VA Medical Center includes time of a VA staff psychologist to be on-site providing therapy to TPH residents.
  • What is The Pathway Home’s relationship with the California Veterans Home?  The Pathway Home leases a building on the grounds of the Veterans Home California – Yountville. As an independent nonprofit program, we are not governed by the California Department of Veterans Affairs, but have a collaborative relationship in support of our mission.
  • What service branches are eligible for treatment at The Pathway Home?  The Pathway Home is a residential program open to Veterans of all military branches including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and National Guard as well as the Reserves.
  • Will The Pathway Home admit women into the program eventually?  The Pathway Home intends, overtime, to extend services to female Veterans. We want to build slowly and thoughtfully. When we open to women, we want to be able to meet the unique needs of female Veterans.
  • Does The Pathway Home provide treatment services for family members of veterans in the program?  As part of the program, couples therapy will be available when relevant to the Veteran’s care but family members are not eligible for program admission.
  • Is The Pathway Home a tax-exempt organization?  Yes. The Pathway Home, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its Tax Identification Number is 45-5350612.