What We Do

The Pathway Home, recognizes the multitude of challenges many Veterans face returning to civilian life after deployment. Imagine one of the following:

You are a highly trained military service member with a clear sense of mission and purpose, returning home to find your military skills and training don’t translate into the civilian job market, leaving you unemployed and unsure where to turn next.

Your frustration and hopelessness trying to balance the demands of home and school while managing the physical and mental effects of multiple deployments without meaningful support or structure.

And the above only two examples…

The Pathway Home has helped more than 450 post-9/11 Veterans improve mental health issues, while supporting successful community reintegration and the achievement of academic, work-related, and relationship success.

We have expanded from a brief, intensive crisis intervention program to a longer-term, more holistic residential model that addresses overall wellness. Veterans achieve their goals by residing in our community for up to one year.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Wrap-around mental health services and wellness support in a residential setting for up to one year
  • A continuously expanding network of local and national public-private partners including state, local and national Veterans and other support organizations
  • A life-long community of alumni that continue to support each other, and
  • A process, in development, for identifying stress related conditions in exiting military service members prior to military release and facilitating the appropriate placement.

The Pathway Home’s overarching goal is early intervention to improve a Veteran’s hope for the future by providing the skills to successfully navigate post-deployment challenges and resulting mental health issues before their symptoms become acute and debilitating – something potentially devastating at a personal level, and very costly for society to address.